About us

slow ambience

Living in a frantically paced world, under a threat of lock-down, each one of us feels the importance of building our own peaceful space, filled with love, where time slows down. Things that surround us, the ambience and its energy are affecting our mood, thoughts, inner peace and ultimately the events.
A properly arranged space can purify one's thoughts, make worries fade away, giving space to creativity and positive vibes. Everything we come in contact with gives us energy...or take it away. So choose wisely. 
We at Slow Ambience are dedicated to helping you build your own ideal space, with unique elements from all over the world. We offer you spiritual, creative, sustainable, organicartistic and mindful items for your home, body and soul.

Although we are a shop, we do encourage you to buy thoughtfully, avoid “boredom” shopping, and give preference to sustainable or eco-friendly materials.

Our Values:

Ultimate Love
Cultural Diversity

Our Responsibility:

While we are still finding the best way to offer you 100% responsible shopping options, we take action by supporting organizations that are fighting for preserving our planet and human rights. Each purchase you make on our website will contribute to the monthly donation amount (check out our Blog for updates). We support local communities, women empowerment, eco-movements.

What Inspires Us?

Once there was a different life... People could wander the world freely, exploring different continents and cultures. We could gaze into deep night skies that unfold its secrets above Himalayan mountains, we could share meals with Bedouins in desert or kiss on top of the Eifel Tower. We may not be able to enjoy it again for some time, but past experience lives deep in our hearts, inspiring and giving a feeling of unity with the entire world. 

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