Free online class with an authentic Indian yogi. You want? Keep on reading!

Slow Ambience is more than just a shop. We offer amazing experiences & share our vision. We introduce you to the world you have never seen before.  
Meet Bhagya Chandra, he is a dear friend of ours, we met in 2018 in Northern India.  Bhagya is a very dedicated young man, who left his home state of Madya Pradesh, moving to Himalayas foothills, in search of authentic yogic wisdom. Indian Yoga teacher path is very different from Western world. Indian teacher spends years in service, meditations and practice, alongside to their Guru. It's a 24 hour job, where the most important qualities are humbleness, dedication, obedience, abstinence, kindness. 
Very little free time that Bhagya has, he spends it around animals, feeding and grooming street dogs and cows, or cleaning out streets. Karma Yoga.
People from West, got a little chance to meet and practice with authentic yogis, and we are happy to give you this opportunity. 
We could have offered you a freebie or a discount for your purchase, but we prefer to give you a gift of unique experience. Any purchase over $50 USD you make in our store during February and March, 2021, gives you an opportunity to claim a free yoga class with Bhagya. 
How it works?
Online class will combine guided mantra chanting, asanas and pranayama. Class duration - 1.5 hrs. Once your made your purchase and it's been shipped out, you will receive an email invitation with yoga teacher availability calendar, so all you have to do is to pick the time that works for you and email us back. 
Next step
On the announced day join the class online by clicking the link we will send to your email. 
Online class
You will need to have ready: 
  • Stable internet connection with camera and microphone
  • wear comfortable stretchy clothes (e.g. leggings & t-shirt)
  • have a yoga mat or non-slippery floor surface ready for practice
  • We encourage you to have some props available, especially for beginners, stiff people or those with health conditions. Props to bring: 1-2 blocks, belt, bolster. 
  • Water bottle. Interesting fact: authentic yoga schools of India prohibit water intake during the class.  There are various reasons and explanations to this. Philosophical one: not drinking water when you want to is a sign of abstinence and detachment from bodily needs. In addition to that, it's a distraction, which yogis are meant to avoid during practice. Medical explanation: drinking water during exercise increases pressure on cardiovascular system of the body, moreover, it can cause vomit or nausea when performing inverted asanas or fast-paced sequence. We suggest you to have a water bottle near your yoga mat, however, we encourage you to only take small sips only when you feel you can't go on without it. 
  • Please make sure to inform teacher of any health conditions you may have (please pay special attention to blood pressure, recent traumas, knee or joint issues, spine pain, etc, prior to the class beginning. 
  • Paper and pen, you may want to take some notes. 
  • We strongly recommend you to remove all the possible disturbances, like pets, phones, kids and give yourself a perfect YOU time, with all the love and care you deserve. 

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