February Karma Sale - 30% off for every product in our Store

We at Slow Ambience are running Karma Sale in February. 

30% discount is applied to every product in the store at the check out (don't be alarmed that you won't see a discounted price beforehand). So, whether you pick a nice yoga leggings, mandala painting, throw blanket or biodegradable phone case - you will pay 30% less. But that's not all, $2USD from each sold product will be donated to the Coral Restoration Foundation

Coral reefs are not just a great pleasure to look at while snorkeling or diving, but they are also the vital part of a healthy Ocean and ultimately, our future. Did you know that stepping on or even touching corals is causing its death? 

Coral Restoration Foundation grow and outplant endangered species of coral to restore reef sites to a healthy state. We trust their knowledge and efforts in reversing the damage we all are responsible for, therefore we are happy to share Slow Ambience profit for this cause. 

It's time to shop responsibly and wisely, shop slow!


Your Slow Ambience team. 

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